Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Almost a year later

I guess now is a good time to come back. I've abandoned this for too long. I toyed with the idea of starting a new blog for this new phase in life. But figured, nah....I'll stick to this one and see what happens. Long story short this is what has happened since last August. eeek!

Got engaged, bought a house, now planning a wedding. Why anyone would take on 2 huge milestones at the same time is beyond me. Planning a wedding in itself is tough, then you throw in buying a place and not just any place, we were blessed enough to buy a new new new place where we've been having endless meetings with these house type people to pick our electrical stuff, paint colors, flooring, deal with $$ issues, etc.

People say enjoy the process...I guess we have. The fiance and I usually agree to most things and when we don't we come to a compromise pretty easily. We are also in premarital counseling right now, highly recommended for anyone getting married. We've learned useful terms to use like "minimize" as in you are minimizing this issue and I feel like you don't care about my feelings toward it. Very helpful in this whole process. I guess what I can say is that, everything is going really well. We are less then 55 days away from the wedding! I have started having these weird dreams akin to the kind you have about sitting for finals and not studying the night before...yeah mine are along the lines of the wedding is the next day and I have no shoes. Well technically, if the wedding is tomorrow, I wouldn't have shoes or a dress because the dress hasn't arrived and I haven't decided what shoes I want.

So there you have it. In a nutshell, July 2013, my life revolves around wedding planning and house stuff. I would post pictures but I can't find any right now. Will do so when I get home later. Till then....


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