Monday, July 09, 2012

Definitely left a tiny bit of my heart there

San Francisco.  One of the first places I visited as a child and then again when I was in College. I remember going to SF in college and thinking wow... I kinda do like it here maybe I would apply for jobs out here. Then, life happens and you apply for jobs in Los Angeles because you get too scared to leave and you stay in the job for almost six years now and you are even more afraid to leave. But thank God that SF is only an hour flight away (its a zzzzzboringzzzz drive - unless you take the superlong coastal way) and I have friends there that I can visit and crash with. A good weekend getaway.

This weekend I was there for a wedding. In all honesty, as friday came, I was sitting at work and thinking oh man...I wish I was heading home to just do nothing and not heading to LAX to fly to SFO. It had nothing to do with the wedding but everything to do with my lazy self. But the couple that was getting married has and always will be very close to my heart and I'm so glad my lazy self did not prevail. So since I was going to SF for really slightly more than 24 hours (arrived Friday night at 11pm left sunday morning at 8am) I was determined not to waste my time there. so before people get tired of reading all goes some pictures.

view from my friend's apartment - Saturday morning
Determined not to waste the day - we take the train to the Ferry Building
Colorful Items from the Farmers Market
ok you can't really read the menu but just trust that it is awesome....but this is EVEN more awesome:
Ferry Building!
Who doesn't love pork rinds?!
What are pork rinds you say? well....

Here is the view from the bench we had lunch on:

Getting our biking on....

ok funny story -- so see all these other bikes and things chained to the pole. Ok so my bike is somewhere there among all the others, so while I enjoy my delicious lunch and when I get ready to leave OMG the darn seagull decided to poop on MY seat out of ALL the other bikes. Imagine that.

oh and here is lunch: don't hate. 

I am almost certain I went the wedding smelling like garlic. yum.


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